On the diet of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Every time a delivery rider gets a notification on their phone that they are behind on their delivery a robot is born. At that moment, from the virtual abyss, an intelligent machine sips into the quotidian of that rider. Siblings of this chatterbot are managing the staffs in warehouses or hotels way before taking their jobs! Now the psyche of these workers should reframe itself to accommodate the rhythm of a virtual machine, a chatbot! In this Modern Time, how is it to work for a manager who is a robot? Are today’s labour rights prepared for the Industry 4.0?

The mind extends beyond itself and beyond the body. Our extended cognition has embodied tools and formed new social practices. We are good at adapting, whether by choice or forced and our psyche can eventually digest anything with an appropriate social pressure; let it be the latest Social trends, the rule of the new emperor or a new culture of working for bots. Although Rhythmanalysis reveals the anxiety such adaptations bring to our spaces, but what is happening today is more than just a déjà-vu of industrialisation. The new machines, they are faster, more precise and evolving, let’s call them roBots. These disembodied bots and their panopticon presence are requisite for territorial management, they also don’t need to rest. Through Bergson-Monod’s philosophy of chance and free will, we can better comprehend how machine learning  precision will inhibit noise (“the progenitor of evolution in the biosphere”). This machine can occupy tiniest free space like liquid; all the curves, not reachable by its predecessor machines, are at its fingertips; there will be less space for errors. Like a city siting on a river and colonising its landscape, these bots will pin the wave of our brains with their deterministic design. A biased design that will further reinforce the prejudice of the current power structure.

…divide et impera

Science breaks time into smaller minutes and through it refine spaces. “By the very fact of breaking up concrete time,” however, “we set out its moments in homogeneous space, in place of doing we put the already done”. Machine learning equipped with big databases and an evolving recommender system is clamping down on the free wills of dasein, while inhibiting genuine diversities in our networks. At work or in the living room machines are becoming the sole relay and the arbiter of our community and widening the gap between us. How can we avoid the calamity of The Fourth Industrial Revolution in our communities and prevent a starker hegemony of Alt-Right?