“Sky, That sorcerer, teaches you that justice is higher than love.”

The subjugation is intellectual, corporal and spatial. Ecosophical emancipations oblige Tectonic shifts. And all the layers are sticking to each other in an elaborated enterprise of consumption, feuilleté with white cream. How to ask the desiring-machine to listen up and appease the subaltern? Alas if there would be love, we wouldn’t call on Justicia to bring peace with an iron sword. Both, the ore and the god, are born from the same mother; the graveyard that heaven has made of justice. The horror requests a topographic plow into Archaic borders to rejuvenate desires.

Can borders and territories be seen? What are their expressions? -Orium is a lab that peek into this topos; a cartography of discrimination to entangle the reductive safety of the general, favoured over the clash of the mosaic. We bring territoriality into the scrutiny of repetition where you are nudged to continuously keep adjusting the focus of your lens. A gaze, when “I” open eyes or look into your eyes; absorbed in the market, intoxicated with the devotion of ecstasy. Currently we are tracing the fringe of structure around the Psyche. We pose that the problems of unraveling the really real and reaching true Aufhebung is aesthetic. The lava lamp.

A map is a tool of reduction, a reduction of space and of relations, a helpful one, if one can avoid the seductive bait of mistaking the map with the real. Borders, before penetrating the page, are walked by a martyr; a map is experienced. By re-narrating the tensions we reexamine the aesthetics of communality. It is a conscience observation that draws the line of divide. We animate what lives beyond the mathematical. As an exercise we polish the mirror of Prudence.